A little bit about me

It truly is the simple treasures in life that fill me up with joy!

I'm a mama to three precious children, my daughters Kailei Elaine & Shaedyn Ann and my son Bear. My kids are always reminding me of the magic in the mundane, and are my biggest motivators through the ups and downs on my journey of internal growth... growing in the art of mothering, mindful parenting, and cultivating my desire to radiate loving energy, carry myself with strength and grace, and respond to them and others with empathy and compassion... They teach me more about myself and my flaws everyday, and I am forever grateful...

I was a stay at home mom for seven years and I'm now working in the childcare field caring for babies while I work towards my goal of full time birth work. 

All the while, I've found myself and lots of mothers loosing sight of ourselves in the process of caring for everyone else. I am a mama on mission... To reconnecting to MY TRUTH, my desires, practicing radical self-care and love, sharing my gifts with the world, and leaving a positive impact... And in-turn giving my children one of the greatest gifts I can give- showing up as a whole, healthy, happy & joyful mother.

I believe our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made... intricately and intelligently designed by our Creator to give life. Throughout my pregnancies, two natural births at Growing Families Midwifery & Birth Center in St. Augustine and my youngest at home in the birth pool, many doors opened that have led me here.

Experiencing what I believe to have been two relaxed pregnancies, calmer births, and an easier time healing post-partum, I am also passionate about empowering expecting mothers who may be fearful, or unaware of their childbirth options.

My passions for pregnancy and birth extend into the fragile, authentic years of childhood, and parenting. Many hopes and dreams to come true in the future... And this is just the beginning...

Blessings to you and yours on this sacred, ever-changing journey of mama-hood!

I'm a free-spirited woman, and soul-full mama, in awe of Gods infinite beauty, and captivated by His unfailing love.

With warmth and gratitude,